Truck Accident Causes: Drowsy Driving

One of the biggest causes of truck accident is drowsy driving. This is one of the most well known truck accident causes as well because it can be prevented – and it should be prevented. Serious accidents are often caused by this because everyone on the road is drowsy during the late or early hours, and reaction time is lengthened. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 1,000 people die each year because of drowsy driving. Drowsy driving is different from distracted driving, but one of the leading causes of drowsy eyes or drowsy driving is blue light fatigue, which you get from looking at your phone.

If a truck driver is driving while drowsy, the impact of that choice can be extremely devastating. Trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and if the driver falls asleep, it is a dangerous thing to be near.  Trucking companies and drivers do take massive steps to ensure that they aren’t sleepy while driving, but sometimes people will push themselves and the accident will happen.

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Truck Accident Causes – Drowsy Driving

By now, everyone knows that drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous things on the road. This is even more true for truck drivers who are known for working long hours, having strange sleep schedules, and having a demanding workload. Even more, some have health issues or mental health issues from spending so much time alone.

Drowsy driving is something that many trucking companies are getting better about, but there are still things that companies need to do to ensure that their drivers aren’t too tired. In order to prevent drowsy driving as one of the lead truck accident causes, drivers need to be aware of:

  • How to maintain their work schedules – every driver will have to know his or her own limits;
  • What causes eye strain – from cell phone usage to driving in the sunlight;
  • What the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations are for their company – this will ensure they stay on track at all times;
  • Whether or not they have sleep apnea – this can cause people to be driving drowsy at all times – this can be treated;
  • What the signs and symptoms of drowsy driving are;
  • How to safely pull over and get the sleep that they need;
  • New technology that can help drivers to understand that they are driving distractedly.

Every truck driver needs to know his or her own limits. It doesn’t have to be that they need to only drive two hours a day. However, there is a chance that they can break up the driving so that they can get a break, especially on particularly sunny roads or those that have a lot of traffic. Even though they might not be able to get as far in a day, they will protect themselves.

In addition to drowsy driving, those that are sleepy are more likely to have road rage, drive distractedly, and not have reaction time that they need in order to be safe. Sometimes, these risky behaviors are blamed on sleepiness. If you are driving near a tractor trailer late at night and you think that the driver is drunk or moving around, it is best to get yourself to a safe location and contact your local police department.

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