How to Avoid Semi Truck Accidents

Anytime that you get into a car in Nebraska, you are going to face the chance that you will get into an accident – any kind of accident. If the accident is with a larger vehicle, like a commercial truck or a tractor trailer, it is likely that you will be hurt. Knowing how to avoid semi truck accidents is one of the most important things you can teach a driver in today’s world – whether they are 16 or 96.

Knowing how to avoid semi truck accidents won’t keep you out of the 100% of the time, but it can be helpful most of the time. Knowing what causes accidents with semi truck trucks can help you to handle yourself if you are ever put into a situation where you might be in an accident. Semi truck drivers do take many classes and undergo much testing before driving, but sometimes accidents happen.

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How Can Drivers Avoid Semi Truck Accidents?

If you are going to drive a car on Nebraska roads, you need to know that you will be able to maneuver much more easily than a tractor trailer. Semi trucks take far longer to stop because they weigh so much, even if they are not carrying a load. Of course, drivers are trained to know when to stop, but sometimes other drivers on the road don’t give them as much time as you need. One of the ways you can prevent an accident from this is by keeping a safe distance between yourself and the truck – both from the front and the back. If you have to change lanes, make sure that you have a lot of space. As a general rule, if you cannot see the driver, he cannot see you.

You should speed up or slow down to give the truck even more room when road conditions aren’t great – there is smoke, snow, rain, or debris on the road. Do not try to be aggressive and outrun the truck either.

What Causes Semi Truck Accidents?

The biggest cause of semi truck accidents is driver error – either driver. This is a category that includes illness and just negligence on the part of either driver. Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to react, or you just don’t see dangers. More commonly today, you are texting or talking on the phone while driving. Sometimes, truck drivers are going too fast, cannot see you in their blind spot, or are too tired to be driving. Either party could have also been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Of course, mechanical failure within the car or the truck can happen as well. However, if the truck was not properly maintained, it is much deadlier than it would be for a car. The employees of the trucking company, the drivers and the mechanics, are responsible for ensuring that the truck is safe to be on the road.

Sometimes, finding the cause of a semi truck accident is difficult, but if you want to have a settlement, you need to find the cause of it. In many cases, the cause of the semi truck accident doesn’t fall on solely one party – it is a joint cause.

Can Truck Drivers do to Help Prevent Accidents on the Road?

Everyone on the road can help to prevent semi truck accidents – from the truck drivers to car drivers to passengers to bikers to pedestrians. We all have to share the road. Truck companies are required to train their drivers to the fullest extent of their vehicles – and anything the drivers do that may prevent them from fulfilling their jobs needs to stop them from doing it. Trucking companies need to track how many hours their drivers are driving and how long the vehicle has been on the roads. Drivers need to track this as well. IF they fail to do all of this and they get into an accident, they will be at fault. Commercial truck drivers are trained to know when they need to take a break.

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